User Experience & Interface Design 
I work as a professional creative in the UX/UI field crafting intuitive, accessible & enjoyable experiences for digital products. I thrive on creative problem solving, and view challenges with a lens on maximal usability and unfettered engagement.
Case Study
Integrating UX into Game Development
Being the first and only UX Designer at a AAA mobile game studio offered many unique challenges & opportunities to hone my understanding of design thinking, and to adapt user experience methodologies & tools to a game development pipeline, helping evolve the studio’s production processes.
Pt.1:  Creating Space for UX in Game Development

Pt.2: Deep Dive: UX Tools for Game Development
​​​​​​​Recent projects
Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed blends vintage toy nostalgia with modern gameplay mechanics to create a Lego experience for everyone, young or old.
Disney Magic Kingdoms brings the Disney park experience to your home, where you can customize and manage your very own magical kingdom. 
SpeakING Engagements
Teaching Design Principles through Educational Talks
My passion for working in experience & interface design really bloomed when I started teaching others about it. Having the opportunity to champion the wisdoms and elegance of design thinking helped me solidify my knowledge of the craft & deepen my confidence in it being the right fit for me.
VFC Internship Program for Young Entrepreneurs  May 2018
'Demystifying UX' In-House Talk Dec 2018
Workplace Mentorship Program 2019
Humber College Student Game Jam  Oct 2019
 Visual Design 
I've been a creative in graphic design since my late teens, using technology to express my more aesthetic design sense. Alongside my day job, I freelance in a wide range of visual design mediums as a creative outlet to keep things fresh and stay in tune with the graphic trends year to year.​​​​​​​