Hi, I'm Nora, and I'm a creator 
I have worn many hats in my brief & eventful time - graphic designer, motion designer, interactive designer, marketing designer, user interface designer, user experience designer, game designer, maker & builder of fine things.
What I really do in all facets of my life is create, and use creative problem solving in whatever medium I can; it’s the kind of passion you never retire from. I thrive on growing my creative skillset to be able to take on any challenge and provide a comprehensive & informed design eye to any project I contribute to.
Professionally, I’ve built a career primarily in interaction design, creating user interfaces & experiences for mobile games, websites & software. I also freelance in various visual design mediums, and love bringing entrepreneurs' vision to life through brand design & collateral. 
Personally, I deeply enjoy challenging puzzle & adventure games; stellar film & television experiences; travelling to amazing cultures and awe-inspiring nature; photographing everything beautiful; most of all my amazing partner & our wonderful collaborative life we've built together (and our 2 cat floofs 😺😾).
If you want to make something awesome together, drop me a line and let’s get creating!